Our Products

In our plant centre we sell a wide range of plants most of which are grown on site. Our range includes herbs, alpines, wild flowers, bedding, ferns, shrubs and trees. We are also usually able to source any plants that we do not have in stock and can supply any quantity required.

Hanging Baskets & Containers

We sell a range of filled hanging baskets and containers which can either be ordered to your specific requirements or chosen from the selection in our plant centre.
We can also fill your own baskets and containers and we provide this service to a lot of local businesses.

Chamomile Lawn - Ready to Lay Turf

Over the last 10 years at Bill White Nurseries we have developed a successful method of growing chamomile turf which can be laid to create an instant lawn. Over this time we have supplied many small and large projects with Chamomile turf.

There are many chamomiles available but most are unsuitable for lawns. We supply Anthemis Nobilis `Treneague` which is the genuine non flowering chamomile which only grows to 5cm in most circumstances.

We also supply a double flowered species of Chamomile which throws up flower shoots in mid Summer up to 15cm tall. These will require light trimming in late Summer to Early Autumn.

We also offer other ready to lay turf including thyme and may be able to produce other turf to order.

All turf is sold by the square metre and grown to order to ensure it is the best quality when laying. This means that turf must be ordered well in advance of when it is needed.

For prices and availability give us a ring, send us an email or drop in and see us.

Sedum on Shed Roof

Chamomile Lawn

Thyme Lawn

Mixed Chamomile and Thyme Lawn

Plant and Container Hire

We offer an events hire service which means that you can choose planted containers and baskets for your event without having to worry about what you will do with them afterwards. Our hire rates are very reasonable and we are happy to deliver and collect from most local locations. Either get in touch or drop in and see us for more information.

Roofing Plants

We now supply an exclusive range of ready to lay roofing plants including sedum turf. These plants are perfect for green roofs on anything from a dog kennel or garden shed up to large building projects. A green roof is aesthetic, environmentally friendly and also now very popular with planners on large building projects.

We are able to advise you of the best combination of plants to achieve the effect you desire and can grow your turf to order.

For prices, availability and to discuss your requirements give us a ring or drop us an email.